Carrfields Irrigation achieved irrigation design accreditation.

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IrrigationNZ has established the Irrigation Design accreditation programme and, in partnership with DairyNZ, the Farm Dairy Effluent Design accreditation programme. Using accredited companies means farmers are assured that their irrigation infrastructure and practise is highly efficient, targeted and sustainable.

“Using accredited companies means your system will meet regulatory and consent requirements and it will meet performance and efficiency targets. You don’t have to worry about the Council turning up and you can sleep easier at night knowing you’ve got a fit-for-purpose system that’s environmentally sound and contributing to your bottom line.”
Andrew Curtis, Chief Executive Officer, IrrigationNZ


The accreditation process has taken two years and helped shape the company’s philosophy of attracting bright young minds to the industry to help tackle the challenges of the future.

“Design accreditation means we design systems responsibly and make sure they are right for the farmers’ requirements, consent conditions and the environment. We take all relevant information and constraints into consideration and don’t just offer an off-the-shelf solution.”
– Brendan Hawes, National Sales Manager, Carrfields Irrigation

Full articles can be read in Guardian Farming, January 2017 edition.