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Carrfields Contracting

Carrfields Contracting is the founding business of the Carrfields Group which started back in the late 1970s. Through the years our contracting business has gained a reputation of being a highly professional business offering services in silage and straw making, maize planting and mushroom compost throughout the Canterbury region.

We own and operate some of the best machinery brands on the market with good policies in place to ensure our equipment is kept updated, serviced and maintained to ensure customer satisfaction is met constantly. Being a long-established and experienced contractor we understand the true importance of timing when it comes to harvesting crops which means quality and workmanship must be at the top of our priority list to guarantee our customers get the best value from the end product we produce. We also trade a large volume of straw and silage both in the Mid Canterbury district as well as other parts of New Zealand which has earned us a name for being a quality supplement supplier who will stand behind the product they sell.
A new unique service we now offer our customer base within the Canterbury region is the exclusive supply of mushroom substrate which comes from Christchurch based business, Meadow Mushrooms. The product called mushroom substrate is loaded out of the growing rooms onto our fleet of trucks and delivered to farmers, market garden supply centres and urban customers on a weekly basis. As a major supplier of wheat straw to Meadow Mushrooms, the initiative was set up to help ensure supply of wheat straw from our arable growers who we buy the straw from and return mushroom substrate back to their paddocks which ensure mutual benefit.
Our operation peaks from late September through until early May where we are harvesting silage throughout this time as well as baling straw from January through until March. Another part of our business this season is the planting and harvesting of maize silage for a prestigious beef feedlot company and other clients which has added further diversity that complements our already expansive business.
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Contact Our Team:

Carrfields Contracting
PO Box 19, Ashburton 7740
Phone: +64 3 307 6974

Geoff Roberts
Group Manager 
M: +64 27 432 4031

Brad Heads
Operations Manager 
M: +64 27 202 1829

Gerald McKerchar
Operations Manager 
M: +64 27 233 1876

Megan Ness
Administration & Customer Service


Our Services

Today more than ever farmers require prompt and efficient on farm contracting services. As the need for more and better feed preservation has arisen Carrfields Contracting has grown to offer a range of equipment and knowledge to deliver quality contracting services to our customers.

Our range of services:

  • Baled Silage
  • Maize planting and harvesting 
  • Fine Chop Silage
  • Bagged Silage
  • Straw Baling
  • Compost Spreading – Mushroom compost supply, delivery and spreading
  • Transport
  • Supplements Trading – Ryegrass / Barley Straw / Wheat Straw/ Silage


Spent Mushroom Compost                                                 

Hill Lab Compost Results 2017        

Our History

Carrfields Contracting is part of the Carrfields group of companies. Carrfields Contracting (previously Winslow Contracting) was the original Carr Group business which Greg and Glenys Carr started in the 1970s as a supplement to their farming business. Starting with one tractor and baler Greg took on a baling run servicing farms in the Mid Canterbury foothills with hay and straw baling provisions. As farming became more intensive in Mid Canterbury in the years that followed, the need for farm contracting services grew and Carr Contracting expanded rapidly to deliver baling and transport services all over the Mid Canterbury region.

The need for better and more efficient feed preservation techniques became apparent also and Carrfields Contracting has been proactive in sourcing and providing new feed preservation techniques and machinery to farmers in Canterbury. Cornerstone to the growth and success of this business has been providing a quality service to our clients.

Today we continue to offer our clients high quality contracting services and we pride ourselves on delivering prompt and efficient services to all our clients.


Your future at Carrfields.

Carrfields is an iconic rural services company operating throughout New Zealand. With trading relationships and operations across the globe we provide improved access to the most relevant products and services for New Zealand’s cropping, dairy, horticulture and pastoral farmers.

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