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Carrfields strongly believes that technology will play a key role in improving environmental outcomes and increasing farm profitability moving forward.  Talking with our customers, we have found that the main benefits they want to see in this technology are; quality hardware, low on-going costs and data presented as clear information with ongoing support.

After several years of evaluating options, Carrfields Irrigation is pleased to announce they have recently taken on the distribution of the Pessl Instruments range of smart agricultural products. Carrfields has chosen to partner with Pessl as their 35 years’ of innovative products provide the perfect platform to help improve profitability and environmental outcomes for its customers.

Austrian designed and made, Pessl brings an all-encompassing range of products for on farm monitoring of critical business inputs and outputs. Pessl has been a leader in weather, crop disease, insect monitoring, water management and irrigation automation hardware & software solutions. As farmers look to increase  the performance of their operation to remain competitive, tools that are well supported and provide up to date business intelligence will play a larger role in ensuring that success.

An understanding of the type of soils and the variability that exist on any farm, is a fundamental of good farm management. As part of our technology offering Carrfields now has an iMetos® Top soil mapper, capable of mapping paddocks faster and in more detail than any other device currently on the market. Top soil mapping is an important part of the early stages of irrigation design, soil moisture probe placement, understanding crop yield issues and optimum tillage depths. In a couple of months, we will be hosting an open day to demo the products.

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