Moisture Scout

Carrfields Technology are currently offering three start up packages to provide complete solutions with differing values and capabilities.

Standard: Get started with this entry level fully upgradeable soil moisture package.

Plus: Measure your soil moisture, air temperature and rain fall.

Pro: Get equipped with the advanced weather station and soil moisture unit.

All hardware is upgradable and configurable to work with a range of different communication protocols to suit your requirements.

Key Benefits:

  • Free access to Pessl FieldClimate web and phone app. Low ongoing charges for data only ($10 per month/station).
  • Integration with other applications including services such as ReGen NZ.
  • Meet FEP best practice with real-time soil moisture data.
  • Save resources, time and money with alerts of changes to climate and ground conditions.
  • Make confident agronomy decisions by keeping track of crop changes and maturity.
  • Save water by applying only the required volume as needed.
  • Environmental compliance by tracking and recording irrigation and rainfall events.
  • Track and record soil temperature for best practice applications of fertiliser and chemical.
  • Proven product globally for the last 35 years. Highest quality local support.
  • 1-year warranty

We can currently offer a wide range of other sensor options to suit a wide range of applications. These might include:

  • Crop cameras
  • Insect traps
  • Pond/tank level monitoring with temperature
  • Frost detection
  • Full scientific weather setups
  • Crop disease modelling
  • Infrared temperature
  • Yara water sensor
  • Dendrometer
  • Water EC & PH sensors
  • Snow depth
  • Multiple soil moisture & temperature monitoring options

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