T-L GPS Corner Arms

Over 30 years of corner system irrigation experience has resulted in consistently improved levels of performance and reliability.

Advantages in technology have seen T-L introduce their GPS corner arm system. This system includes Real Time Kinematic (RTK) high accuracy GPS and follows an easily adjustable path eliminating the need for installing complicated underground infrastructure to guide the arm.

T-L corner arms maintain continuous movement utilizing T-L’s patented hydraulic alignment controls. Smooth, accurate steering is achieved using a powerful hydraulic cylinder.

Comparing T-L’s corner system to electric: T-L’s corner irrigation system guidance is achieved through simple, safe, low voltage controls operating strong and dependable hydraulic power. This dramatically simplifies the control of the system.

T-L’s continuous movement reduces wear on the corner connection since the arm does not stop and go every minute of operation. The T-L corner adjusts to the constant speed of the center pivot end tower and maintains a uniform speed and connection position.

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