Carrfields Livestock are proud to facilitate this Deadline Sale on behalf of Drummond & Etheridge and CLAAS Harvest Centre Canterbury.

The tender period will close at 5.00pm on Friday 22 June 2018.  All tenders are to be submitted via the online form found here or by downloading and completing the tender application form here.

Completed tender forms can be submitted via email to or hand deliver to Carrfields Limited, Attn: Marketing, 1 Range Street, Ashburton.

Below is a list of items offered for sale. If you are interested in any of the items on offer, please see the right hand columns for contact information to discuss further.

If you are having any trouble viewing items, please click here.

Quality Farm Machinery Deadline Sale

Farm and Contracting Machinery For Sale

1Hay and SilageCLAASQuadrant 3300 Ta201282321 Bales4x3 Rotor Feed, Tandem Axle with Rear SteeringAdam Clement0274 361 770
2Hay and SilageAndersonTsr-3450 Square Bale2014Square Bale Carrier Self Loading and Hydraulic Unloading Take Bale Size 3x3 & 4x3Adam Clement0274 361 770
3Hay and SilageCLAASQuadrant 3400 Rc & Ta201189200 Bales4x3 Rotor Cut, Tandem Axle with Rear SteeringAdam Clement0274 361 770
4Hay and SilageStrimech14" Folding Fork2017Fit 434,435s Etc - NewAdam Clement0274 361 770
5Tractors and TelehandlersJCB434s With Bucket20133000Smoothride, Auto lubeAdam Clement0274 361 770
6Tractors and TelehandlersJCB434s With Silage Forks and Bucket20125500Smoothride, Auto lubeAdam Clement0274 361 770
7Combines and WindrowersCASE2388 Combine and Trailer20053836 Engine/ 2724 Mill6m Grain front and trailer, Comes with spare parts and grates, Straw chopper, One owner.Greg Carr021 722 560
8Hay and SilageJohn Deere960 Combi Wrapper Baler238Ex-Demo, 960 Baler and Goweil G5040 Combination Wrapper, Fully Automatic Operator Friendly Controls, 2.2m Pickup, High Output Efficiency.Dave Johnson027 434 7198
9Hay and SilageJohn Deere990 Baler4784Ex-demo, Pick-up width 2.2m, Heavy duty large diameter rotor with drop floor, High density - baleage & straw, Easy feedout.Dave Johnson027 434 7198
10Tractors and TelehandlersMerlo40.7201332734000kg Lift Capacity, 7m Reach, TidyAdam Clement0274 361 770
11Tractors and TelehandlersMerlo34.72012628440kph Road Speed, Hydrostatic, 405/70r24 TyresAdam Clement0274 361 770
12Hay and SilageCLAASLiner 350020129-9 - 12.5m Working Width, 540 Rpm, Manual PTO Speed Height AdjustmentAdam Clement0274 361 770
13Hay and SilageCLAASLiner 30019-9 - 12.5m Working Width, 540 Rpm, Manual PTO Speed Height AdjustmentAdam Clement0275 361 770
14Hay and SilageCLAASLiner 88018m Working WidthGreg Carr021 722 560
15Hay and SilageAmazone4001-2dx
16MiscellaneousMultidrive6185 Fitted with Bredal Bin2004Bredal Bin, Variable Rate, Lime Discs and Shute, Boundary Control, Stainless Steel Bin, 4ws, Topcon X20 & Sgr1 Receiver, 340/85r46Adam Clement0274 361 770
18MiscellaneousBogballeM2w Plus3000l Hopper Capacity, 24m-36m Spread Width, Load Scales For Full Automatic Calibration, E6 Vanes.Dave Johnson027 434 7198
20MiscellaneousVennings Silo Bag OutloaderUsed for Unloading Grain Bags
21MiscellaneousLuclar InternationalAgrar Bagger For Maize and GrassComplete with Bags, Up To 10' Bags, Comes With Vennings Silo Bag Out LoaderGreg Carr021 722 560
22MiscellaneousMcIntosh1200 Forage Wagon17.6 Cubic Meter Capacity, 2.45m Wide Overall, 9.1m Long, Good Strong Wagon.Quintin Boyd027 486 7792
23Cultivation and DrillingPottingerTerradisc 300120043m Working Width, Packer Roller, Hydraulic Fold, As New.Quintin Boyd027 486 7792
24Cultivation and DrillingKvernelandDxa Discs2003Tandem Discs, 4.5m Working Width, 26” Plain Blades, Rear Draw Bar.Kyle Thomas027 486 7707
25Cultivation and DrillingKuhn4m Discs - Discover XmBuilt Up Cross Bar So Can Be Used Comfortably On Rolling CountryAdam Clement0274 361 770
26Cultivation and DrillingJohn Deere1750 Planter200312 Row Planter with Orthman Bar.Reece Trotter027 486 7733
27Cultivation and DrillingAmazoneCayena 60012013New - Trailing Tine Coulter Seed Drill, 3600 Lt Hopper, 6m Working Width, Amatron 3 Controller. Shop SoiledLuke Wheeler027 433 0624
28Cultivation and DrillingSimbaX-Press & St Bar20123.5m Working Width, Adjustable Disc Angle Setting, Rear Packer Roller, 6 Leg St Bar, Auto Reset.Kyle Thomas027 486 7707
29Cultivation and DrillingSunflower6333 Cultivator20156.3 Metre' Working Width, Finishing Cultivator, Works By Discing, Rota Crumbling, Tynes Then Finishing Harrows,Spare Set Of Points, New Condition Very Little UseGreg Carr021 722 560
31Tractors and TelehandlersJohn Deere680019958764125hp, MFWD, Powerquad 20x20 Transmission, 2x Rear SCV’S.Dave Johnson027 434 7198
32Tractors and TelehandlersJohn Deere6220p2005998890hp, MFWD, Powerquad 24x24 Transmission, 2x Rear SCV’S.Kyle Thomas027 486 7707
33Tractors and TelehandlersJohn Deere6410p with John Deere 640 Sl Loader20024300105hp, 4wd, Powerquad 24x24 Transmission, 2x Rear SCV’S.Baden McDowell027 438 7555
34Tractors and TelehandlersJohn Deere6320p with John Deere 640 Nsl Loader200265054wd, 100hp, Powerquad Trans, 2-Remotes, Joystick Control, Third Function, Passenger Seat, Beacon Light, Jd Dealer Sold and Serviced.Fraser Ibbotson021 579 122
35Tractors and TelehandlersJohn Deere6330 Std with John Deere 633 Nsl Loader20087329105hp, 4wd, Powerquad 24x24 Transmission, 2x Rear SCV’S.Baden McDowell027 438 7555
37Tractors and TelehandlersCaseCvx 1135 with Quickie Q66 Sl Loader20063895137hp, MFWD, Cvt Transmission.John Murgatroyd027 433 5900
38Tractors and TelehandlersCaseMaxxum 140 with Mx T12 Sl Loader20094989141hp, 4wd, 17 Speed Powershift Transmission, 3x Rear SCV’S.David Jeffery027 568 3501
39Tractors and TelehandlersCaseMaxxum 115 with Manip Mp95a SL Loader20123458117hp, MFWD, 16fx16r 40kph Transmission, 3x Rear SCV’S, Good Condition Tractor.John Murgatroyd027 433 5900
40Tractors and TelehandlersNew HollandTm19020046091190hp, MFWD, Power Command 17fx6r Transmission, 4x Rear SCV’S.Baden McDowell027 438 7555
41Tractors and TelehandlersFendt930 Vario20067980295hp, MFWD, Cvt Transmission, Very High Spec Machine.Reece Trotter027 486 7733
42Tractors and TelehandlersCLAASArion 430 with Stoll Profiline FZ40.1 SL Loader20123895115hp, MFWD, 16x16 Powershift Transmission, 4x Rear SCV’S.Quintin Boyd027 486 7792
43Tractors and TelehandlersCLAASAirion 640 Cebis with Stoll F51 SL Loader20095980155hp, 4wd With Suspension, 24fx24r 50kph Transmission, 4x Rear SCV’S, 6000hr Full Service Completed.John Murgatroyd027 433 5900
44Tractors and TelehandlersNew HollandTm155 with Quike Q65 Loader20006238150hp, 4wd, Powershift Transmission, 4x Rear SCV’S.Kyle Thomas027 486 7707
45Tractors and TelehandlersDeutzAgrotron 11520016308D/A Rear Remotes, 420/85 R24, 460/85 R24, Stoll LoaderRichard Sidey0274 791 119
46Tractors and TelehandlersJohn Deere7430p20085165170hp, Powerquad 20x20 Transmission, Cab Suspension, Premium Lighting, 4x Rear SCV’S.Kyle Thomas027 486 7707
47 Hay and SilageJOHN DEERE7550 Forager20113500 Engine hours/2002 Chopping hours3m Grass front.Tom Denton0274 381 167
48Tractors and TelehandlersJohn Deere6320 w/ John Deere 640 NSL Loader20035939100hp, MFWD, PowerQuad 24x24 transmission, 2x rear SCV'sKyle Thomas027 486 7707
49Hay and SilageKuhnFive Disc MowerGood ConditionAdam Clement0274 361 770
50MiscellaneousKORTE 2000 S2X2 CRIMPERAdam Clement0274 361 770
51Combines and WindrowersCLAASLexion 570 Combine20046 cylinder C13 Engine, 430hp, 12.5L, C750 Auto Contour Front (7.5 mtr ), 2700 Engine hours, 1600 Mill hours.Baden McDowell027 438 7555
52Combines and WindrowersSuper Sweep410- 9 BELT DRAPER PICK UPFit Lexion Combine, 9 Belt Draper Pick UpGreg Carr021 722 560
53Hay and SilageKrone1290 HDP BALER2011760003x4 Silage and Straw Baler, Tandem AxleTom Denton0274 381 167
54Combines and WindrowersMacdonM150 WINDROWER & D60 15' DRAPER FRONT20084867 Engine/ 3160 Cutting hoursFront Complete with Trailer, TidyGreg Carr021 722 560
55Hay and SilageCLAASQuadrant 3400201162000 balesSquare baler, 1.2m x 1m Bale, Roto Cut, fully workshop serviced, Excellent condition.Reece Trotter027 486 7733
56Tractors and TelehandlersMcCormickTTX190 20085423 hours182hp, 32/24 partial Powershift Trann , 130L/min hydraulic flow, 4 x rear SCV'sJonathan Bruce027 436 5366 
57Hay and SilageCLAASLiner 3000Adam Clement0274 361 770
58MiscellaneousMackQuantum QH688RS2003895,000km12000cc, 18 Speed Manual, Tare: 9300 kgTim Upston0275 663 656
59MiscellaneousMitsubishiShogun2000992,423kmManualTim Upston0275 663 656