As one of New Zealand’s leading agri-business organisations, Carrfields are focused on helping and supporting New Zealand agriculture for local and international markets. Our business has been built around primary producers and their needs throughout the production cycle. We have many different clients with different needs – they all have one thing in common, they are looking to maximise the performance of their farming enterprise.


To give you a better idea of the types of causes we support, we have developed the below guidelines to assist you in applying for sponsorship:

The Carrfields businesses are based around agriculture and the agricultural community, therefore ideally sponsorship should relate to this area.

  1. Carrfields will favour sponsorship in relation to our farming community.
  2. Carrfields will not sponsor individuals.
  3. Carrfields will consider sponsorship requests that align with our values and brand.
  4. All applicants must complete the sponsorship application.
  5. Any sponsorship request over $1000.00 must be accompanied by a business plan and will be reviewed by the Carrfields Board of Directors. Please contact the Carrfields marketing team for more details on what is required.

Process for consideration:

Having received your sponsorship application, Carrfields will:

  1. Send an acknowledgement letter once the application is received.
  2. Assess the proposal against the sponsorship criteria to determine the fit, the benefits and resources required (monetary and human).
  3. Proposals will be assessed once a month, therefore it is important to allow for as much lead time as you can whey applying. All applications need to be submitted by the 25th of each month.
  4. Provide notification of the final decision at the earliest opportunity.

To apply for sponsorship for your cause or event, please complete the form at the link below, and email to marketing@carrfields.co.nz

Sponsorship Form