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Carrfields Carrfields and HORSCH visits strengthen relationships
Jun 2024
Carrfields and HORSCH visits strengthen relationships and knowledge

Image (l-r): James Carr (Carrfields), Micha Trotzky (HORSCH), Craig Carr (Carrfields), Michael Horsch (HORSCH), Greg Carr (Carrfields)

June 2024 – As Carrfields’ partnership with German-based agricultural equipment manufacturer HORSCH nears its first anniversary, representatives from the two firms have been working together in both New Zealand and Germany to gain a deeper understanding of how HORSCH products can benefit farmers here in NZ.

Since Carrfields acquired distribution rights for HORSCH in New Zealand in mid-2023, the Ashburton-based family-owned agribusiness group has established a strong sales and on-farm servicing network nationwide, bringing a range of premium HORSCH products to farmers around the country.

This includes a recently announced partnership with Waikato-based Piako Group, which is the exclusive sales and service provider of HORSCH in the upper North Island, with the Carrfields team providing product and technical support.

Craig Carr, managing director of Carrfields, said the partnership between Carrfields and HORSCH has got off to an excellent start.

“Sales are progressing extremely well, considering the transition of importer and the challenging economic environment with our clients facing high operational and funding costs. We are extremely proud to have already delivered and taken orders for a large number of HORSCH machines with our NZ customers in under 12 months, I think this is a testament to the quality of the HORSCH product but also to our Carrfields team and business.

Carrfields’ partnership with HORSCH has been further enhanced recently with two HORSCH executives visiting New Zealand earlier this year and members of the Carr family and executive travelling to Germany this month.

Micha Trotzky, territory manager for Southern Europe, Oceania & Africa, along with Günter Weinmann, worldwide service & parts manager for HORSCH, visited New Zealand in April to see how their products are assisting New Zealand farmers.

The HORSCH representatives gained first-hand experience of local farming conditions during their visit, which will be used to help improve customer service, said Mr Carr.

“We were thrilled to be able to host Micha and Günter in New Zealand and have the opportunity to demonstrate our specific conditions and product applications that are unique in the world. These insights will be used to help HORSCH provide more tailored service to our local farmers.”

As well as providing specialist service and support training for the local Carrfields team, the HORSCH representatives spent time touring the lower South Island getting to understand New Zealand farming, said Mr Carr.

“It was Günter’s first visit to New Zealand and Micha’s first time travelling south of Ashburton, so this was a great opportunity to demonstrate how we work in New Zealand and the farming conditions their gear is going into. Micha did several customer visits in Southland, which was an extremely valuable chance to get feedback directly from farmers using their products, and take that knowledge back to head office in Germany.”

Craig, James and Greg Carr’s visit to the HORSCH headquarters in Schwandorf and Horsch Leeb sprayer factory in Landau in June provided a further valuable opportunity for the two family-owned businesses to strengthen their relationship.

“Our trip to Germany allowed us to have some really valuable discussions in person with HORSCH senior management and the Horsch family to plan for future growth of our partnership with HORSCH. We are excited to be building our relationship with a global leader in agricultural equipment and are confident that HORSCH products will continue to contribute to the success of New Zealand farmers,” Mr Carr said.

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