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Sep 2021
Carrfields’ pastoral team is going from strength to strength

September 8 2021 – Carrfields Grain & Seed – a leading seed production and marketing company in New Zealand – has significantly increased the size of its pastoral agronomy team in order to meet the growing demand for its services.

The team has grown from one pastoral agronomist to six in just six months, with representatives now spread across some key South Island locations of North Canterbury, Mid Canterbury and Central Otago.

Lyndon Anderson, New Zealand sales manager for Carrfields Grain & Seed, said the growth in the team is the result of a strategic business decision to invest further into pastoral agronomy.

“We identified a clear opportunity to add value in the pastoral agronomy space, while also working more closely with farmers to navigate a path through the myriad changes facing the pastoral sector from a regulatory and compliance point of view,” said Mr Anderson.

“Farmers are facing numerous challenges such as nitrogen use limits, which are now capped at 190 units of nitrogen per hectare in certain farming systems. There are also winter grazing compliance rules governing the amount of winter feed farmers are allowed to grow and the aspect of the paddock it is grown in.”

As a business, Carrfields Grain & Seed foresaw a need to have representatives readily available to farmers to tackle these issues together and adapt to change, Mr Anderson said.

“Having more representatives on the ground enables us to work with local farmers more efficiently and add more value to their operations as we grow our service offering in the pastoral agronomy space, while also looking to solely focus on agronomy and not getting distracted by other categories.”

While Carrfields Grain & Seed has always had a presence in pastoral agronomy, mainly in Mid Canterbury, the enlarged team is now able to offer a South Island-wide service, providing tailored agronomy solutions, recommendations, and advice specific to individual farmers’ operations.

The team has a strong focus on identifying opportunities to add value and increase efficiencies across farming operations, including the use of technology such as Agworld agronomy software to add value and help future proof farmers’ operations.

“We believe the expanded pastoral side of our business complements our strong arable business, as more farmers are now looking for alternative options to diversify their farming operations. In all our dealings with farmers we are aiming to work collaboratively to get the best outcomes across the board, tailored to the unique circumstances of each operation,” said Mr Anderson.

The six pastoral agronomists making up Carrfields Grain & Seed’s larger team are Matt Jensen (Upper North Canterbury), Will Lampp (Lower North Canterbury), Johnny Doyle and Logan Tasker (Mid Canterbury) and Huw Murray and Aaron Watson (Central Otago).

“We are very pleased to have these six agronomists on the team, who all have significant experience and expertise in the pastoral sector – enabling them to hit the ground running and assist farmers in immediately making strategic changes to their operations to place them on the front foot in meeting future challenges.”

Domestic services include supply and advice around retail seed, ag chem solutions, grain trading, world-leading cereal seed varieties and hemp production.

The business also provides seed multiplication and production services in New Zealand, Oregon USA and Europe; with Carrfields Grain & Seed recognised globally for marketing cereals, pulses, forages and vegetable seeds to over 50 countries.


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