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Carrfields European Cereal Seed Visit
Jun 2024
European Cereals Visit 2024

Phil Smith, Seed Cereal Production Manager of Carrfields recently embarked on a highly productive visit to our European cereal breeders in Germany and England, aiming to stay updated with their latest varieties and breeding programs. This trip was incredibly informative, providing us with valuable insights that will benefit our New Zealand farmers by granting them access to the most up-to-date varieties and breeding options from Europe.

In Germany, Phil visited Breun, our trusted cereal breeder. It was impressive to witness the development of their winter wheat and winter barley fields firsthand. During the time there, he had the pleasure of spending time with key team members, including Martin, Sonkë, Norman, Jonathan and Tina, who generously shared their expertise and innovations with us.

Another significant stop in Germany was our visit to the HORSCH in-house field trials. Here, Phil observed the promising growth results of barley planted using a prototype drill. Micha Trotzky, the Territory Manager for Southern Europe, Oceania, and Africa, along with Josef Stangl from the Marketing team at HORSCH, guided us through the paddocks, showcasing their advancements and the potential impact on our farming practices.

Following our productive time in Germany, he travelled to the United Kingdom to connect with KWS, our cereal partner, and to attend Cereals 2024. At KWS, he was shown the impressive outcomes of their cereal trials in Thriplow. The Cereals 2024 event, much like New Zealand's field days, is dedicated to arable products and machinery, providing a comprehensive view of the latest industry trends. Phil visited KWS’s stand to explore their breeding station and also spent time at the HORSCH stand, our machinery partner.

Overall, this trip was a tremendous success, filled with valuable learning experiences and opportunities to strengthen our collaborations. Carrfields are excited about the future possibilities these European innovations bring to our New Zealand farming community.

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