Cereal Seed

Cereal Seed

Carrfields Kerrin Feed Wheat - Carrfields - Your trusted partner


Kerrin feed wheat has shown fantastic yields over a wide range of growing conditions. Kerrin has the ability to tiller well in many soil types and has a solid disease package with increased resistance to septoria and rust.


Kerrin has a ver y flexible planting window from mid-March to mid-June with an intermediate maturity based on recommended planting dates.
Kerrin has a very good disease package with increased resistance to septoria and both brown and stripe rusts.


It also exhibits stiff straw but will benefit from a PGR programme to support its high yield potential. Kerrin develops quickly post tillering, nitrogen applications should be discussed with  our arable representative to generate maximum  field.


1 to 10 (poor to excellent)

Planting Window


Maturity: Intermediate
Straw Strength: Stiff
Tillering: High
Yield: Very high
Height: 83cm
End Use: Feed
Breeder: KWS, UK

Kerrin 4 year average yield result