Cereal Seed

Cereal Seed

Carrfields Magnum Silage/Green Feed Oats - Carrfields - Your trusted partner


Silage and grazing oats have long been an efficient form of producing fast, high quality feed for livestock, with rapid establishment for wholecrop silage, grazing or balage. Magnum meets all these needs.

Low disease levels make Magnum oats a cost effective high dry matter feed option.

  • Low sow rate, low cost rate per ha.
  • Ideal for oat silage.
  • Early grazing, ready for green feed, extremely rapid growth.
  • Can be sown as a mix with peas or alone.
  • Massive dry matter production.
  • Very high tillering ability.
  • Sowing rate 75-85 kg/ha.
  • Very palatable and nutritious.
  • Ready for grazing ahead of many oat varieties.
  • Ideal as a spring silage option.
  • May be used in autumn for grazing option.