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Orwell / Winter feed barley

Orwell is a new generation winter barley (the Granddaughter of Cassia) that is suitable for feed. It provides higher yields and disease resistance compared with varieties we have provided previously.
This variety is slightly shorter, creating excellent straw strength which supports the higher yields. The straw strength is greater compared with other true winter barleys.
Orwell performs well in various soil conditions and is suitable for both irrigated and dryland sowing.


Orwell is a high yielding 2 row winter barley that provided consistent results across many growing regions and weather conditions.
The grain quality is excellent with low screenings, with a very good test weight and kernel weight.
It has proven over the last three years to be of consistently similar quality to Cassia with an improved yield (5% increase).
Disease resistance is good, other than mildew which should be monitored.
A two spray programme will be required for Orwell at GS 30 with height at maturity being 85cm.
Plant population target should be 110 plants per sqm.

Disease tollerance



Maturity: Moderate/early
Straw Strength: Strong
Tillering: High
Yield: High
Height: Medium
End Use: Feed
Breeder: KWS, UK