Retail Seed

Retail Seed

Carrfields Grain & Seed is a market leader in the supply of forage and herbage seeds.

Carrfields Grain & Seed offers a wide range of grasses, clovers & herbage cultivars. In recent years, supply of turf seeds from NZ has become more prevalent due to the consistent high quality, yield and competitiveness we offer. Establishing close links with breeders, we offer a wide range of products suitable for various global environments.

Delivery of seed to our customers is easily handled by our experienced in-house logistics team.

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Mt Cook is a high-yielding broadleaf perennial chicory cultivar developed in the USA. Produced and proven right here in New Zealand by Carrfields Grain & Seed it offers growers exceptional summer and autumn production in its first season, with 15-20 day return periods throughout the North Island. It is super quick to resume growth the following spring but like all perennial chicories will require regular grazing combined with follow-up topping to help keep flowering in check in its second year. Mt Cook also offers excellent Selerotinia resistance and drought tolerance and can be gown as a pure stand or as a mixture with grass and clover.


  • Perenial cultivar
  • Large upright leaves
  • Rapid regrowth
  • Deep taproot
  • Drought tolerant
  • Resistant to Selerotinia


Nicola is a tetraploid annual ryegrass with a 9-15 month production period and a quick establishment. This ryegrass is ideal for land with reasonable to-good fertility and moisture. Will match any other tetraploid annual on the market. Proven performer throughout NZ. Ideal to blend with annual clover.


  • Tetraploid Annual
  • Quick establishing
  • 9-15 month production
  • Proven performer throughout NZ


Long rotation perennial ryegrass has a three to five year production period. It is a tetraploid perennial ryegrass that is quick establishing. It will withstand heavy grazing, has strong rapid regrowth and is very palatable. It’s an ideal grass for when you are wanting to delay any decision making.


  • Tetraploid perennial
  • Quick establishing
  • Three to five year production
  • Strong rapid regrowth


Turbo Persian clover is an annual clover with a 12-15 month production period. It has a hollow stem. Nitrogen fixing crop as well as a hay/silage option with Nicola annual ryegrass. Can be spring or autumn planted. Possible to get 3-4 cuts from this crop depending on water availability. When planted with ryegrass the early cuts will be more ryegrass dominant with the later crops being more clover dominant. It is ideal for short term pasture. Turbo Persian clover can be used for a shorter-term options (12-18 months) whilst deciding if the field options.

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