Our Services
Our Services
Seed Multiplication

We specialise in seed multiplication of a large range of vegetable, open pollinated, hybrid, herbage, forage seeds, oil seeds and pulses for overseas markets. Our experienced agronomists, production and trading team can take care of the whole process, which ensures a great outcome for all parties involved both here in New Zealand and overseas.

Carrfields Grain & Seed provides timely and descriptive reports to customers during the growing season and first-rate customer service. Along with top quality producers, we also offer some of the most experienced and qualified seed processing and logistical expertise to ensure that our seed meets customers’ stringent quality standards and is delivered in a timely fashion to the point of destination.

Agronomy advice

Our team of experienced agronomists can provide start to finish crop advice on rotation planning, paddock selection, Ag chem recommendations, fertiliser requirements, desired harvest timings across a range of crops, and tailor this to the specific crop and desired outcome for the grower.

Ag Chem

Our team provide and have access to a wide range of modern agrichemicals through our relationship with multiple suppliers.  We recommend the appropriate agrichemicals at specific timings to ensure successful and profitable crop husbandry.

Grain Trading

We work with both farmers and large end user companies to provide a range of options in the grain trading space, with forward contracts available along with free market options.

Commodity trading

With long standing relationships and extensive networks, Carrfields Grain & Seed can handle all commodity type products, then look to place it across its multiple overseas markets.


Our wider team brings together a diverse range of expertise. Covering engineering, IT, plant science, GPS Tech and soil science. We can help make sense of your precision farming requirements, from processing yield maps, satellite hyperspectral & NDVI imagery, soil mapping, nutrient profiles, drone and precise Tersus RTK GPS surveys. We have you covered.