Our Services


Terra Scout

Terra Scout is a soil mapping service that uses advanced electromagnetic (EM) technology to identify soil variability. The Terra Scout detects different soil types, soil textures and areas of compaction. From this, the system can derive productive measures such as water holding capacity. The technology that we use allows paddocks to be mapped in more detail and more efficiently than other devices on the market.

Soil mapping can be used to assist with:

  • Irrigation design
  • Placement of soil moisture probes
  • Understanding crop yield issues









Irri-Logic is a flexible soil moisture probe service. The probes are installed & monitored, where and when you
need them, with no capital expenditure require.

Using wireless soil moisture monitoring technology, the Irri-logic service provides relevant data that farmers
need to make informed irrigation decisions. This service is available throughout the Mid-Canterbury.

Other benefits include:

  • On-demand reports* with seven day weather forecasting.
  • Fortnightly on-farm visits and consultations.
  • Soil moisture AND soil temperature readings at multiple depths.
  • Free mobile access to check current soil moisture and temperature levels.
  • Cell phone reception not required.



MobiLab is a mobilesoil analysis laboratory that measures nitrate (NO3), sulfate (S), chloride (Cl) and bromide (Br). Most notably, this system analyses fresh soil samples to determine nutrient concentrations. This improves both the accuracy and turnaround time of the samples. The system can test upwards of 10 samples in under 2 hours, which makes it very cost effective. The reduced cost of soil sampling makes fertiliser prescriptions more viable and can also be used to guide side-dressings of nitrogen fertiliser.


Yield map processing and NDVI Mapping

We can process yield maps from any make of combine or forage harvester. We have an array of software packages that allow us to analyse a variety of datasets and can use equation-based analysis to assess interactions between different factors (e.g. wetness potential vs yield). We often combine this data with satellite NDVI, soil saps, nutrient maps and textural samples to determine underlying factors that are influencing your yield.


GPS topography surveying

Carrfields Technology have RTK GPS equipment that we use for topographical surveying. Our vehicle mounted GPS equipment is used to model paddock topography for watershed and drainage maps. We have experience applying these maps with both Trimble and Lindsay Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) systems.


Other lab Services

We can offer independent lab testing for soil testing, plant tissue composition and silage quality analysis.